The price for carrying out the conveyancing on the purchase of a residential property is:

If you are purchasing with a mortgage: £780.00
If you are purchasing without a mortgage: £750.00

These prices include:

  • Taking instructions on your offer and submitting this on your behalf
  • Examining the title and providing you with a summary
  • Checking all property searches
  • Preparing the transfer documents
  • Obtaining all necessary documentation in relation to any alterations or extensions to the property
  • Preparing all documents required by your lender
  • Submitting an LBTT Return on your behalf and making payment of any tax due to Revenue Scotland
  • Registering your title to the property and sending you the title documents

The prices do not include the following work for which an additional fee may be charged

  • Funding from the First Home Fund, Help to Buy Scheme or similar government schemes.
  • Builders’ Shared Equity Schemes
  • Dealing with corrective conveyancing in relation to any defect in the title
  • Dealing with any post settlement disputes (for example in relation to a faulty heating system)



The price for carrying out the conveyancing on the sale of a residential property is:

If you have a mortgage on the property: £780.00
If there is no mortgage on the property: £750.00

These prices include:

  • Taking your instructions on the offer and issuing an acceptance
  • Obtaining all necessary searches
  • Preparation of all necessary documents and attending to their signature
  • Obtaining a redemption figure from your lender and repaying your mortgage following completion of the sale
  • Preparing a completion statement and paying any surplus funds to you

The prices do not include the following work for which an additional fee may be charged:

  • Dealing with repayment of other loans secured on the property
  • Dealing with discharge of Inhibitions
  • Dealing with any post-settlement disputes (for example in relation to a faulty heating system)
  • Carrying out corrective conveyancing in relation to any defects in the title to the property
  • Dealing with any notice of potential liability which has been registered over the property by a factor



Property with value up to £100,000: £900.00
Property with value above £100,000: 0.9% of sale price (including VAT at 20%)

These prices include:

  • Providing marketing advice
  • Preparing property particulars for online advertising
  • Arranging advertising on Zoopla, Onthemarket, and S1 Homes
  • Arranging preparation of the Home Report (you will require to pay the surveyor’s fee which is dependent on the property value)
  • Providing copies of the Home Report to prospective purchasers
  • Arranging viewings and obtaining feedback from viewers
  • Negotiating offers or, where appropriate, fixing a closing date

The prices do not include accompanied viewings. We are happy to conduct viewings on your behalf for an additional fee of £120.00.



The fee for discharging your lenders’ security when you have paid off your mortgage will depend on whether the lender has signed up to the Land Register Digital Discharge Service.

For lenders who have signed up for the service the fee is: £90
For other lenders the fee is: £180.00

If you let us know who your lender is we can confirm which price will apply.



The price will vary depending on the complexity of the lease. We will provide you with an estimated price following our initial meeting to discuss the details of the lease.

Factors which could impact on the complexity of the case include:

  • The length of the lease
  • Issues in relation to the tenants’ repairing obligations
  • Whether common charges or service charges are payable (for example if the property is in a larger building, a shopping centre or an industrial estate)
  • Whether the lease is to contain a break option

By way of illustration a typical range of prices would be:

For a short simple lease of a standalone unit with no unusual or onerous repairing obligations: £1,080.00

For a long, full insuring and repairing lease of a unit in a shopping centre or industrial estate where service charges are payable: £3,300.00



Single Power of Attorney: £360.00
Two similar Powers of Attorney: £480.00

These prices include:

  • Taking your instructions
  • Preparing your Power of Attorney
  • Dealing with execution (signature) of the Power of Attorney
  • Completing the Certificate of Capacity
  • Completing the Acceptance of Appointment for signature by your Attorney
  • Registering your Power of Attorney with the Public Guardian
  • Sending the Power of Attorney to you following registration
  • Sending the Certificate of Registration to your Attorney



Simple Will: £144.00
Mirror Image Wills (for a couple making identical Wills): £180.00

These prices are for simple Wills. They are appropriate for most people but may not be suitable for you if you have complicated family circumstances or unusual or very high value assets.

The prices include:

  • Taking your instructions
  • Advising on the Will which is suitable for your requirements
  • Preparing the Will
  • Dealing with execution (signature) of the Will
  • Sending you a copy of your Will
  • Storing the Will on your behalf



The costs involved in winding up the estate of someone who has died will depend on the circumstances of the case and, in particular, the number and complexity of the assets in the estate. This means that, except in the most straight forward cases, it is not possible for us to confirm the costs in advance.

At the conclusion of the winding up of the estate we will submit our file to a law accountant or Auditor of Court who will assess a fair and reasonable fee. One element of the fee is assessed on a “time and line” basis. This entails a detailed examination of the file containing the correspondence, notes of meetings, telephone calls and copies of all documents, forms etc. The law accountant or Auditor of Court will go through the file and allocate a payment for each item of work contained in the file. The fees are assessed by unitary value with one unit being equivalent to six minutes of time. The present unit rate is £20.00 which equates to an hourly rate of £200 (£240 including VAT). The unit rate is revised on 1st January each year. We would be happy to provide you with a note of the revised unit rate on request. Letters are charged at 1.25 units per page of up to 125 words. Formal letters, for example letters enclosing documents, acknowledging receipt of documents or where the same letter is sent to several different recipients, will be charged at 0.5 units. Deeds, inventories and formal court documents are charged at 5 units per sheet. A sheet is 250 words or part thereof. Pro forma documents will be charged at 3 units per sheet. In addition, a responsibility fee of between 0.25% and 0.5% may be allowed depending on the value and complexity of the estate. This fee will be chargeable on moveable estate. A similar responsibility fee will also be applied in relation to the sale or transfer of title of heritable property in the estate. Commission is payable on each item of moveable estate realised. The commission is 1% of the first £30,000 and 0.5% thereafter. Posts and incidents are thereafter added at the rate of 5%. VAT is also chargeable. If you are dissatisfied with the fee assessed by the law accountant or Auditor of Court you have the right to insist on our fee being taxed by an independent auditor. This would involve an additional cost which would require to be met by you unless the fee assessed by the auditor is less than 90% of the fee assessed by the law accountant or Auditor of Court. We shall be responsible for payment of the law accountant or Auditor of Court’s fee.

The above arrangement shall not apply to any item of work for which you have been quoted a fixed fee. This may relate, for example, to a marketing fee for the sale of a house or a fee for dealing with the conveyancing aspects of the sale.



All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%. The prices quoted do not include outlays. The outlays incurred will vary depending on the particular case. We will provide you with an estimate of the overall cost including outlays following our initial discussion of your case.

The prices quoted for purchase and sale of residential properties are based on the amount of work involved in a typical transaction. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee in complex or high value cases.